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  1. That's hilarious. We were part of this club for several years through Winston Salem Twins, but we left as the club kept getting less and less player focused, but more and more expensive, for the same reason you point out: the rising cost of coaches and directors. It was more about the directors than about the families.
  2. Well, those of us with kids in youth soccer have all experienced the rising costs of having our kids play the great game. But usually it only impacts the immediate family of the players. Check this out. In Greensboro, the Development Academy players are supposed to hit up their friends to help pay for their fees. Yes, that is true. The NC Fusion Development Academy players were instructed by the club to send out requests to friends, families, and even to other clubs requesting donations to pay for their own fees!! I wonder how the other clubs responded when they got emails asking for them to help pay for their competitors fees......You can't make this stuff up......
  3. Is anyone going to use this forum? These can be a great way to communicate info about various topics related to the great game! Hope it takes off!
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