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  1. WOW Augsburg over Dortmund, didn't see that coming. Well now if Bayern takes care of business tomorrow the race is tied. Plus we still have the Dormund - Bayern game in a couple of weeks.
  2. eagle1


    Everyone ready for the knockout phase of UCL? I'm really looking forward to the Liverpool - Bayern match, 2 teams I enjoy watching and the result will be HUGE downer to one or the other. I will say I expect the looser to win their respective league since the'll be focused on that result only.
  3. One game made up just a couple of mistakes by Dortmund and the title race will tighten up....
  4. eagle1

    Trying out new Forum

    I hope this place has long run like NC-Soccer had. I'm hoping that once the holidays are over and the spring youth season kicks in gear things will pickup.
  5. Looks like Bayern is finding their form, can Dormund continue their unbeaten streak?
  6. Possible but not likely. Bayern will get together and make a run in the league.
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