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  2. In which year did Maradona score a goal with his hand? 1986 What is the national sport in Japan? Sumo Wrestling How many minutes is a rugby match? 80 Minutes In which country were the first Olympic Games held? Greece Sports quiz knowledge How many players are on each side of the net in beach volleyball? Two players
  3. Really miss the HS playoff and State Cup discussions of old
  4. Due to the popularity of our April Coast Spring Classic ( 400-500 teams annually ) we have decided to launch a Labor Day Tournament this year on August 31st & Sept 1st. The new tournament will be U12 and younger boys and girls ( players born 2008 - 2012) and the entire tournament will be played at the beautiful natural grass North Myrtle Beach Sports Park. All of your teams in ONE LOCATION so coaching conflicts are easier to work out !.The best part is that we are offering a 25% early bird registration discount until May 30th, 2019. The tournament will be limited to the first 144 teams that register due to field space. If you have enjoyed yourself this weekend and would like to register at the discounted rate please go to the tournament page at https://soccer.sincsports.com/TTContent.aspx?tid=COATFCL&tab=1 . Hope to see you on Labor Day ! Also mark the 12th annual Coast Spring Classic dates in 2020 for April 18&19 ( U13 - U19 ) and April 25&26 ( U8 - U12 )
  5. I miss NC Forums. Also, I can’t believe HighSchoolOT isn’t putting up anything.
  6. 2019 NCHSAA Girls Soccer Playoffs (4/29 Adjusted Ratings & 5/2 Standings) West: Mountain Six: (Auto) Hendersonville 1, East Henderson 6. (At-large) Pisgah 14, Franklin 24, Smoky Mountain 46. West Highlands: (Auto) Owen 20. (At-large) Madison 59. Southwestern: (Auto) South Point 5, Shelby 40*. (At-large) R-S Central 19*, East Rutherford 61. Northwest Foothills: (Auto) Foard 8, West Iredell 15. (At-large) Patton 31, Hibriten 45. South Fork: (Auto) Lake Norman Charter 2, East Lincoln 17. (At-large) Maiden 38, Newton-Conover 42, Lincolnton 52, North Lincoln 60. Mountain Valley: (Auto) Wilkes Central 4, Ashe County 36. Western Piedmont: (Auto) Forbush 9, West Stokes 21. (At-large) Atkins 26, Surry Central 51, North Surry 57, Walkertown 63. Central Carolina: (Auto) West Davidson 7, Salisbury 16, North Davidson 27*. (At-large) Central Davidson 35*, East Davidson 54 , Oak Grove 56. Rocky River: (Auto) CATA 18, East Montgomery 49. East: PAC-7: (Auto) Wheatmore 25*, Trinity 43*. (At-large) Jordan Matthews 37*. Midstate: (Auto) Carrboro 10, NC Science & Math 33. (At-large) Durham School of the Arts 39. Three Rivers: (Auto) East Bladen 23, Whiteville 34. (At-large) South Columbus 55. North Carolina: (Auto) South Granville 11*, Roanoke Rapids 12*. (At-large) Bunn 44. East Central: (Auto) Clinton 13, East Duplin 41. (At-large) Spring Creek 48. Eastern Plains: (Auto) Farmville Central 53, Nash Central 58. (At-large) Beddingfield 66. Eastern Carolina: (Auto) Washington 32, South Lenoir 47. Central Eight: (Auto) Croatan 3, Richlands 22. (At-large) Southwest Onslow 30, Dixon 50, Heide Trask 62. Northeastern Coastal: (Auto) First Flight 28, Currituck County 29. = 37/27 Longitude & Latitude? West Automatic: Hendersonville 10. East Henderson Lake Norman Charter 11. West Iredell Wilkes Central 12. West Davidson + South Point 13. East Lincoln Foard 14. West Stokes Forbush 15. Ashe County Salisbury + 16. Shelby CATA 17. East Montgomery (Usually East) Owen 18. North Davidson East Automatic: Croatan 10. Roanoke Rapids + Carrboro 11. Richlands South Granville + 12. NC Science & Math Clinton 13. Whiteville ^ Wheatmore* 14. Currituck County East Bladen^ 15. East Duplin First Flight 16. Trinity* (JM) Washington 17. South Lenoir Farmville Central 18. Nash Central * Tied standings (Per MaxPreps) * Three way tie for 1st: Wheat, Trin & JM ^ +: Current conference auto’s 1st and 2nd standings tie. Teams that have a chance to get in: Forest Hills (64) Goldsboro (65) Behind #84 in the conference standings. North Wilkes (67) Providence Grove (68) Chase (69) Behind #61 in the conference standings. Southwest Edgecombe (70) Draughn (71) Behind #75 in the conference standings.
  7. Pitch Perfect


    Are DA players allowed to play WPSL?
  8. Are DA players allowed to play WPSL?
  9. Here is my projected bracket. I am more familiar with the east but with a dog in the hunt hate to make bold predictions that jinx the team. Hoggard and Laney have strong teams and could meet in the 3rd round. the winner of that game looks destined to play Leesville Road in the Regional final. This may be the year Pinecrest gets all the way through to the championship game. They challenged themselves with some good non-conference opponents and showed they could get the result. 64-team-single-fillable.pdf
  10. Looks like it could be a fun year across the board in the West. Some talented teams will make for some fun contests. West Forsyth, Pinecrest, Hough, and Myers Park. Always ranked super high and will run right into each other late. I like Hough and West Forsyth to make it far this year.
  11. Hopefully, they will do it better than the Greensboro and Winston Salem Twin Cities merger. What an absolute disaster that one is. They have lost some of their best people as a result. There are so many unhappy people in Greensboro as a result.
  12. Page Pirates in Greensboro are going to surprise some people. They have some dangerous attackers and a pretty deep team! Look out for the Pirates!!
  13. Anyone have 4a playoff predictions?
  14. NCHSAA playoffs coming up for girls soccer. This past Fall, the boys from the East showed their dominance in the state championship. Will the girls do the same? Looking forward to some key match-ups late in the post season.
  15. https://www.charlotteindependence.com/news_article/show/1014979 thoughts?
  16. WOW Augsburg over Dortmund, didn't see that coming. Well now if Bayern takes care of business tomorrow the race is tied. Plus we still have the Dormund - Bayern game in a couple of weeks.
  17. This year's Powerade State Games High School Soccer Showcase will take place June 22-23 on the Championship Field at the Queens University Sports Complex. Four regional times for both Boys and Girls will compete in a round robin tournament to see who will take home the gold. Players have the opportunity to tryout to represent their region by completing the Application Fee registration and attending at least one tryout in their respective region. We have already heard from a number of colleges that we anticipate being in attendance at this year's event and we only expect that number to grow at the event draws near. Visit the Powerade State Games High School Soccer web page for more information about this year's event including a regional map and tryout information.
  18. If anyone is interested in becoming the JV coach at NW Guilford High School in Greensboro please contact me. Jason Allred: coachallred09@yahoo.com
  19. I’m a student in the bay area and recently I had to input my hobbies on a message board. It made me realize I really lack in hobbies or passions except fortnite, so I feel like it’s time for a change. I am not the best in socializing and was wondering if perhaps joining a booster club is the best way to step out of my comfort zone. I don’t care much for the sport, type of band or type of art. I just want a nice community of people that share the same interests. If anyone here is from the same area, could you please suggest me a booster club I could join? I saw there’s over 1265 in California alone! cheers
  20. eagle1


    Everyone ready for the knockout phase of UCL? I'm really looking forward to the Liverpool - Bayern match, 2 teams I enjoy watching and the result will be HUGE downer to one or the other. I will say I expect the looser to win their respective league since the'll be focused on that result only.
  21. That's hilarious. We were part of this club for several years through Winston Salem Twins, but we left as the club kept getting less and less player focused, but more and more expensive, for the same reason you point out: the rising cost of coaches and directors. It was more about the directors than about the families.
  22. I live in Charlotte and laughed about as hard as I could when I received a request for donation from Fusion. Yeah...like I"m going to donate to pay the rising cost of a coaches salary.
  23. Well, those of us with kids in youth soccer have all experienced the rising costs of having our kids play the great game. But usually it only impacts the immediate family of the players. Check this out. In Greensboro, the Development Academy players are supposed to hit up their friends to help pay for their fees. Yes, that is true. The NC Fusion Development Academy players were instructed by the club to send out requests to friends, families, and even to other clubs requesting donations to pay for their own fees!! I wonder how the other clubs responded when they got emails asking for them to help pay for their competitors fees......You can't make this stuff up......
  24. Gobbler

    Trying out new Forum

    Hope everyone from the old forum was able to migrate to this one.
  25. One game made up just a couple of mistakes by Dortmund and the title race will tighten up....
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